Grow your business with CPD lab



Marketing services

Marketing strategy    

Before you can engage with clients and potential buyers, you need a strategy. At CPD lab we work with you to align your marketing strategy to your business goals. Once we have devised your marketing strategy we are able to convert the strategy into a implementable marketing plan.   


We conduct cost effective research to ensure that the marketing plan is viable. We are able to conduct quantitative and qualitative research depending on the need.

Idea generation and conceptualisation  

CPD lab is made up of a creative team, who are bubbling over with ideas which range from internal morale boosting or communication plans, to niche marketing initiatives and mass audience messaging and everything in-between.    

Website development  

CPD develops both standalone websites, along with customised content development. Practical usability, effective functionality and cross platform compatibility are always top priority.     

Emailing campaigns 

We create and write your emails, segment your target lists and offer highly competitive bulk emailing rates, with detailed post-delivery tracking reports. We will manage your mailing for you separately or as part of a marketing contract you have with us.     

Content Creation  

We create content that includes industry white-papers from thought leaders to research driven insights that create new opportunities for you and your customers. News worthy, sharable and topical articles can also be created and distributed via your distribution platforms.   

Social Media  

The social space requires full-time attention and careful tactical planning for any brand or campaign. CPD lab offers social media strategies as well as implementation and management solutions.  We are skilled in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and other platforms and will create, manage, develop content and boost your online presence in the social space for you.